Monday, March 28, 2011

TP#7: Extended Comment: Re: Dante's Hip-Hop and Colonialism: Recognition and Response IV Post - Ball

This is my re-write of the same quote. It helps me to break things down in sections & write how it out how I would express the statement in order to allow for clarity.

Colonialism means that small groups & individuals can't compete with the ideology & content of the mass media that those falling victim to have been designed to keep these ideologies in place.

One example that comes to mind is the N word, from -er to -a. The origin of this word is offensive & then used by the oppressed victims as part of their everyday vocabulary with a softer ending; therefore making it more acceptable because it's coming from the oppressed. It makes it so that the word still lives & it's origins to be subconsciously felt regardless of the party delivering the message. I think this is what the quote is referring to. Puppet style the oppressor controls the puppet & speaks for them thru while the puppets jaw moves.

This also brings me to another point. I've heard people say that black people can't be racist because racism means to oppress a race & blacks are the oppressed race. Is the same to be said about HipHop? They aren't doing any wrong only doing what they've been taught? I mean, it's complex. I myself grew up listening to underground HipHop & conscience music plus also being involved in the HipHop culture & ultimately my ideals and beliefs are the same but sometimes I have to give in to the mainstream ideologies of what HipHop is because it's all around me. It's part of my business word, we play commercial HipHop @ the club and sometimes I feel like a sell-out. But that is the game & it's my present reality. Do I know better? Yes. Can I single-handily change everyone else' perspective? I doubt it, so instead; I go with the flow that makesy cash flow. As I'm sure many 'successful' artist do. At the end of the day they know who they are and are only playing for the masses.

BTW Dante, I was confused about this too; glad I wasn't the only one. I'm going to go back & re-read as well as follow all the links so that I am fully prepared in class. See you all there!


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  2. blue,

    I completely see where you are coming from. I mysee am classified as a "black" woman but I grew up on the "oldie's" music like b101 and Earth Wind and Fire. Dont get me wrong I listen to hip hop now, but things only seem that way because of the idealogy

  3. Blue - You bring a really interesting perspective to this. I'm probably still missing the point - but it seems that what you are saying is that small groups and individuals often need to buy into dominant ideology for a plethora of reasons. This seems to agree with what Ball is saying. If I've gotten any of this right.