Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Extended Comments: Re: Ron DeSimone: Riding out The Storm: Talking Points #4

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In response to this blog I would like to link current TV shows that carry a positive message. Ron had mentioned great shows when he was growing up like Growing Pains, which I also use to watch and enjoy. Ron ended his post with the following challenge: " In fact, name one television show airing in 2011 that a teenager could actually learn a lesson that would teach them ways to cope with problems."

I believe the same messages being taught before are being taught now but the method is different. We live in a different world, and the focus may not be on family as much as it is on friends for example but the overall message is there, if you're viewing the right programing. For example, I remember watching, Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell etc where the focus was friends over family, the same goes for iCarly and Hannah Montana; kids can relate to this.

For current family shows that teach lessons or deal with real life situation in a family environment, I will start with 'Everybody Hates Chris' Here's a snippet:

Next there's a positive family reality called 'Run's House' many lessons to be learned in this show, here's a snippet:

Finally, there's the Bernie Mac Show. Here's part one of a 3 part video of a full episode:

There are many other tv programing which teach lessons to teenager. The first that came to mind was True Life on MTV. I think those documentaries are very informative. Do you agree that these sitcoms teach life lessons to teens?


  1. Good examples Blue! Although, I will still choose the older shows LOL

  2. I love your examples! I think you're right, many of the same core lessons are being taught, just in different packages.

  3. Thanks for checking out my post everyone. It is appreciated. =]

  4. Love the examples but how does this relate to the article? What would Raby have to say about these?

  5. Good examples !

    I do argee with you that the same things from older shows are being thought in today generation just in a different way.